January 18, 2006

I really really really hate eHarmony.com

At least, I hate their commercials which have inundated the television airwaves (well, cable connections) lately.
I think back on past relationships where I thought "This is the one! I felt that I have known this person forever at first meeting". And I didn't have to spend the large amount of money to join an on-line dating service to feel it.
What I would like to see is those couples touted in the commercials 10 years from now. Are they still together? Or did they fall by the wayside the same way that loving couples have done for so many years now (even [gasp] prior to the internet!)?
It is just that every time I see the marketing for eHarmony, I remember the loves of my life. And I hate the way things turned out each time. And, although I don't expect that life would be different if we would have taken the free on-line personality test, would it be different if we both would have been paying $19.95 (or whatever) per month for the privilege of trying?
I sure sound bitter, don't I?
I'm really not, but those advertisements sure regurgitate some baggage from the lost luggage room of my emotional past.
Ah Ha! That's why I hate them!

has it really been this long?

I have no idea why, except to take up some time which seems to be weighing heavily lately. Must be the onset of SAD or something....